Evil Dead 2 Redux


Grab your chainsaw and join Ash on this adventure


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Evil Dead 2 Redux is a beat'em up set in the world of Evil Dead, starring the charismatic Ash Williams, who is armed with his chainsaw, his 'boomstick' (a double-barreled shotgun) and the Necronomicon and who will have to face the hordes of hell once again.

This time, Ash will have face tons of creatures from the after-world in hand-to-hand combat. At first, he will only run into zombies, skeletons or possessed dogs, but as you go forward you will find more powerful enemies including demons or even the legendary 'hunters' from the Resident Evil saga.

While you will only have one attack button, one defense button, and one jump button, you can carry out tons of different attacks using different combinations of those buttons. With the traditional 'half moon,' for example, you can pull out Ash's shotgun, while you can use other combinations to cast different spells with the Necronomicon.

Evil Dead 2 Redux is a noteworthy beat'em up, which perfectly combines the fun of the traditional games of this genre with the charisma of the original movies. This is one of the most enjoyable games in the Evil Dead saga that you will find, and it's completely free.